A gun store called “She’s a Pistol” in Kansas, which caters to female shooters was the target of a violent armed robbery attempt less than three hours ago.

Three armed men entered the store, shot one of the owners and then punched one of the female owners in the face.

The owner who was punched drew her own firearm and opened fire. During the gun battle she hit all three suspects, wounding two of them critically and one less severely.

The owner who returned fire was not shot. The owner who was shot was originally listed in critical condition, but died from their wounds at an area hospital. It is believed the deceased owner is the husband of the woman who returned fire.

According to local media:

Two of the robbers fled the store, shedding some of their clothing as they ran, police said. They tried to get inside a nearby home and ended up hiding in the screened-in porch. The resident, who had heard the gunfire, already had dialed 911.

Police arrested all four alleged robbers.

If they survive, all three suspects are likely facing murder charges in addition to numerous other felonies.

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