This incredible security camera footage should serve as a reminder to the bad guys – you never who is a concealed carrier. [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO]

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A pharmacist in Pinch, West Virginia is a hero today after using his concealed carry handgun to shoot a would-be robber and defend his customers and his co-workers.

According to local media reports,

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The robbery occurred about 9:45 a.m. Wednesday [February 18, 2015] at the Good Pharmacy on North Pinch Road, according to a news release from the sheriff’s department. Deputies said a masked male suspect entered the pharmacy and pointed a firearm at the staff. The pharmacist on duty pulled his own firearm that he was carrying concealed and fired the weapon at the suspect. The suspect was struck and fell onto the pharmacy floor. Staff at the pharmacy then began to perform lifesaving measures on the suspect.

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The suspect was transported to Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital where he was taken into surgery. The suspect did succumb to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Deputies said the name of the deceased will be released at a later time pending notification to the family. Currently, based upon witness interviews and video evidence charges will not be filed against the pharmacist, deputies said. The circumstances of this case will be forwarded to the Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.

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One of the really impressive parts of the video is the speed with which the pharmacist acts. The robber draws his gun at 0:16 in the video. Less than four seconds later, after getting his colleagues behind him, his weapon is drawn and he’s firing his first shot into the attacker. You can actually see the pharmacist discreetly draw his gun as soon as he realizes something is up.

Four seconds after that, the wounded attacker is outside of the store and the pharmacist is clearly seen ready to defend himself, his customers, and his colleagues yet again if need be.

The suspect ultimately died of the his injuries despite the fact that pharmacist staff began performing first aid on him as soon as he was no longer a threat. He was identified as 25 year old Terry Gillenwater.

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