Image Courtesy Turlock Police Department

A group of home invaders in California found themselves facing an additional gun charge after an attemped home invasion. The charge is likely the first of its kind.

Justin Singh, 27 and Austin Singh, 21 are charged with robbery, possession of an assault weapon, possession of a short-barreled rifle, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. A third suspect faces other charges.

Image Courtesy Turlock Police Department

Image Courtesy Turlock Police Department

The pair are likely the first suspects to be charged with illegal possession of a short-barreled rifle that is equipped with a controversial accessory – the SIG SAUER SB15 Brace. The brace was originally designed for disabled shooters to be able to shoot AR-15 style pistols more effectively. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives approved the brace for this purpose and later even said that using the brace against one’s shoulder was legal.

However, recently, the ATF changed their mind on that ruling and issued an open letter stating that shouldering the brace “redesigned” it and was thus illegal.

This has caused quite the stir in the firearms community. This case is likely the first case in which someone was charged with possession of a short-barreled rifle that is technically a pistol that is equipped with the brace.

That said, the pair is charged under California’s state short-barreled rifle law, not the federal law, which is what was addressed in the ATF’s letters.

The CERES SWAT Association posted the following information about the arrest on their Facebook page:

In the early morning of January 14 Ceres Police Dispatchers broadcast information that suspects armed with rifles had just done a home invasion robbery. The suspects were located at a residence on Whitmore Avenue in Ceres. The armored vehicle was utilized to contact the subjects who were in their car. When the car attempted to flee the Armored vehicle was used to ram the suspects vehicle disabling it. The suspects immediately gave up and were detained. A rifle was located in the vehicle with the laser sight on.

During this incident Officers from the Sheriffs Department, Modesto Police, Turlock Police and CHP were called and came to assist. The teamwork of all Law Enforcement Agencies in this county is second to none. We would like to thanks those agencies for their quick response and willingness to help.

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