When there’s a bump in the night and it’s time to clear a house, who has the edge – a competitive shooter or a Delta Force commando?

This video from Vickers Tactical pits Team Glock competitor KC Eusebio head-to-head with the man himself, a 15-year veteran of Delta Force.

It takes the speedy and accurate Eusebio just over 8 seconds to run the entire simulated house, clearing the simulated targets. Any use of cover is accidental in the run because, in competition, nobody shoots back.

When it’s Vickers turn to roll, he says “you’ll be able to time me with a sun dial” and begins a methodical clear using cover and “slicing the pie” as he effectively engages each target while exposing almost nothing of himself.

Larry’s “time me with a sun dial” technique is specific to one-man, armed with a handgun room clearing. This is what it looks like when the badasses at Delta are moving in a team:

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