Family Guns Down Escaped Murderer Who Held Them Hostage

Just days after he escaped from prison, an alleged murderer took a family hostage again.

But this time, he ended up dead – shot repeatedly until he was definitely not a threat.

Wielding a bloody knife, Rafael Arnez McCloud held a man, a woman and their 5-year-old son hostage in a bathroom of their Vicksburg home.

According to CNN:

The husband and his young son first ran into McCloud around 4 a.m. Thursday as they were going from inside the house to their garage, police said. Armed with a knife, the man forced them back inside.

He bound the family in the bathroom, but not very well. The husband “said he was able to free himself, fought with the suspect and sustained a stab wound to the back side of his shoulder,” according to Vicksburg police.

McCloud again restrained the man. Then at some point, and for an unexplained reason, he let the wife leave the bathroom.

She got a handgun, returned and shot McCloud once. After that, she cut her husband loose, and he too opened fire on McCloud. His body was found in the bathtub with multiple gunshot wounds.

McCloud’s death comes more than a week agter he escaped from prison by holding a shank to a nighttime employee, forcing him to turn over his pants and jacket. The prisoner then simply walked out.

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