It shouldn’t be a surprise that the three time gold medalist and U.S. Olympic shooter Kim Rhodes is pro-Second Amendment. After what she said recently, she should be given a fourth for her constitutional values. Her domination of the competition is unmatched, not to mention her precision sharpshooter ability. She had a few choice words for the liberals that are trying to take away our constitutional rights.


Rhodes has been cited saying that she doesn’t care if her speaking about the Second Amendment affects any of her endorsements. “I’m definitely becoming more vocal because I see the need,” Rhode said.

Rhode attacked new gun legislature signed into law by California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, that makes it harder for her to practice for her sport. This is what these anti-gun activists seem to forget: Some people rely on access to guns for various reasons. Not all of the people with guns are going out to “kill everybody.”


“We just had six laws that were passed in California that will directly affect me,” Rhode said. “For example, one of them being an ammunition law. I shoot 500 to 1,000 rounds a day. Having to do a background check every time I purchase ammo or when I bring ammo out for a competition or a match — those are very, very challenging for me.”

The laws that she was referring to were signed into effect on July 1. Many are considering this to be the “gunapocalypse” – and rightfully so. It contains the usual liberal nonsense banning “high capacity” magazines and “assault weapons” that we all know won’t stop a single crime from being committed.


If they put as much effort into these anti-gun laws as they did on the war on drugs, we could really resolve issues that are affecting our country.

She then pointed her sights at President Obama and his creation of a gun database. She used the one thing that gets all liberals hate to hear, logic. “When you look at these events that have been occurring, they’ve been occurring in some of the strictest gun law countries in the world,” Rhode said.


“For me personally, I realize the first responsibility of a police officer is to respond to an incident and for me personally, in that five minutes or 10 minutes or 20 minutes in some cases that it takes for them to get there, how do you want to stand there? I would rather have my Second Amendment Right. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mrs. Rhodes.'

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