If you’re a gun owner or gun rights supporter, you might want to keep an eye out for the above bracelets at tonight’s Academy Awards.

The bracelets are the latest attempt by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to use celebrities to push an anti-gun agenda.

The bracelets feature the name of a person killed by someone using a gun along with the hashtag, #ENOUGH, which the Brady Campaign uses to push for gun control on social media.

While remembering those that are no longer with us is a noble gesture, the underlying anti-gun agenda is not.

Brady Campaign President Dan Gross said to the NY Daily News:

“We have had #ENOUGH of the violence that rips apart families and communities every single day in America.

Hollywood is joining the Brady Campaign to call for an end to the daily terror in malls, schools, and churches, and in the streets and homes of cities and towns across this country.”

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