Many people in the firearms industry like to jest that President Barack Obama is the best gun salesman of the century and based on the latest manufacturing and sales number for the gun industry released by the ATF, they may be right.

It appears that under the Obama administration, the number of guns being manufactured and sold on an annual basis has nearly doubled with over nine million guns being manufactured and sold in 2014.

As AWR Hawkins of Breitbart news points out:

The March 7 report covers production figures from 2014, and shows that 3,633,454 pistols, 744,047 revolvers, 3,379,549 rifles, 935,411 shotguns, and 358,165 miscellaneous firearms were manufactured that year. That adds up to a total of 9,050,626 firearms.

And the 2014 figures, as high as they appear, were down slightly from the 2013 manufacturing total of 10,844,792.

To really grasp how great a surge the figures from 2014 and 2013 represent, consider the ATF’s report for 2008, when a total of 4,298,187 firearms were manufactured.

Based on these numbers it looks like the president has earned the salesman title the gun industry has given him.

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