“I’ve seen a lot of videos, but I’ve never seen one like that,” said District Attorney Brian Rickman.

Marshall Rice had already served 20 years in prison when Habersham County, Georgia deputies pulled him over due to suspicion his truck was involved in the theft of a pair of jet skis.

When Lieutenant Tonya Elrod asked Rice to step out of the vehicle, the night took a turn for the worse.

“Not only did he put the gun to my head. Pull the trigger. He tried his best to clear the gun and tried to shoot me two more times after that while I was backing away. And if Graham had not tackled him… and Greg had not shot him, I would be dead.”

As can be seen in the video below, Elrod & Deputy Graham immediately tackle Rice and Sergeant Greg Chastain fires 7 shots, one of them going through Rice’s hat.

At a trial earlier this week, Rice acted as his own attorney and used the opportunity to verbally spar with Lieutenant Elrod. That worked well enough to earn him a 70 year prison sentence.

Just over a year after he saved Lieutenant Elrod’s life in this video, Sergeant Chastain was in position to do the same for Sheriff Joey Terrel. Having responded to the home of former deputy Anothony Giaquinta who had already killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend as well as wounded two officers, Chastain reached a position of advantage and killed Giaquinta.

Two officer involved shootings and at least four fellow law enforcement lives saved?

Sergeant Chastain sounds like the kind of guy you want to have backing you up.

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