Have you ever wondered what magnetic ‘Buckyballs’ would do if they were loaded into a shotgun shell and fired as if they were buckshot? [Scroll Down For Video]

Well, the Youtube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS did too.

He took a set of these powerful neodymium magnets and made two different types of projectiles which he then loaded into a shotgun shell and fired from a 12 gauge shotgun.

The results were actually fairly impressive. Although the spread seems like it would be a little variable, something you don’t normally want in a defensive or hunting shotgun.

Here is the video description:

What happens when you shoot spherical neodymium magnets out of a shotgun? Zane was kind enough to supply us with enough to load into 4 shells. 28 per shell. We shot them at various objects at close and long range. Will the magnets separate? Will they be attracted to each other and stick back together in flight? Will they stick to the metal targets we shoot at? Will they cause the shotgun to blow up?

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