Despite platitudes about “respecting the 2nd Amendment”, Hillary CLinton is declaring a war on private gun ownership. So much so, that gun control has become a cornerstone of her campaign platform.

Her scandalous gun control proposals show the overreaching lengths she will go to

Replace Instant Background Checks with Unlimited Background Checks

Unsatisfied with the current “instant” background check system (only in government speak can “instant” mean “up to 3 days”), Clinton wants to push for no limit to how long the FBI can take to respond to a criminal records search.

This change means potential gun purchasers could be told to wait perpetually for an answer from the government on their Constitutional right to bear arms. This means Clinton, who claims to be a champion of women’s rights, would leave a woman whose been a victim of domestic violence unable to defend herself until the government says she can.

A gun ban and confiscation based on the Australian model

Clinton has repeatedly praised the Australian gun ban and confiscation model as a successful gun control measure.

On October 16, she was asked by a student at Keene State College, “[Regarding] handguns – Australia managed to take away tens of thousands, possibly millions, of handguns and in one year they were all gone. Can we do that? And if we can’t, why can’t we?”

Despite the startling increase in violent crimes that followed the Australian confiscation, Clinton responded by praising the Australian confiscation, saying it “would be worth considering on the national level” in the United States.

Banning the private sale or transfer of firearms

This is a strategy to add to the already onerous and burdensome process attached with gun ownership. Under the law Clinton prefers it would be illegal to go to the range with your friends, acquaintances, or even your child and hand them a rifle to shoot in a safe environment.

You see, that would be a transfer in Clinton’s dream world and you need to have a background check to transfer a firearm. Meaning you would need one to hand them the rifle, then another when they hand it back to you.

Pack the Supreme Court with anti-gun Justices<

With the unexpected death of pro-freedom Supreme Court stalwart Antonin Scalia, Clinton hopes to immediately change the balance of power on the Court by nominating a virulently anti-gun Justice, leaving gun rights open to “evisceration by interpretation”.

With the possibility of an additional 3-4 nominations in the next Presidential term, the chance of gun rights becoming a part of history grows.

Force firearms dealers and manufacturers to be held to a standard of liability no other industry is held to

Under the guise of saying gun companies face too little liability (something that is demonstrably false), Clinton wants to force federally licensed firearms dealers and manufacturers to be open to liability from the criminal misuse of a legal product – a first in American history.

This is the equivalent to holding alcohol companies liable for drunk people doing stupid things, or car manufacturers liable for every accident, despite the driver being the cause of the accident.

Clinton wants to make illegal use of a legal product (firearms) by a private citizen into a crime by the sellers and manufacturers of that product.

Ban people on the “No Fly List” from purchasing guns

This is the dirty little secret of gun grabbers. The No Fly List is a classified, even the people on the list have no idea they are on there. Moreover, they have no recourse or appeals process to remove themselves from the list meaning anyone could be added with no explanation and be banned from owning firearms for life.

How quickly do you think that list will expand if simply being placed on it gives the government more power over it’s citizens?

Does this mean Hillary is willing to have her security teams turn over their firearms? That would be a bold step to show how serious she is about so-called “gun control”.

Then again, we know she’s not a fan of following the same rules as everyone else:

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