One of the problems with the national debate on guns (besides the fact that there’s a debate at all given, you know, the Second Amendment) is that one side understands firearms and the laws around them, and the other side seems to make up whatever they want about how bad firearms laws are in the United States.


One woman tried to express her rage about “gun rights” on Facebook, but only managed to have her ignorance revealed in glorious, mic-dropping fashion. She posted to Facebook:

As a woman, I hope some day I have as many rights as a gun does.

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The reaction was predictably split between anti-gun liberals who applauded the woman’s post and pro-gun folks who understand just how heavily regulated firearms are and responded mostly like this.

Then one man stepped into the fray with this absolutely perfect response:

So let me get this straight. You want to be banned from polling places on the day of an election, banned from being able to enter government buildings, prohibited on school grounds, not allowed in a business if an owner doesn’t like what you are, put in a locked cage (safe) when you aren’t being used, not allowed in the passenger cabin of an airplane, and be the topic of a never ending National debate about how dangerous you are to the public  and innocent people? Did I understand that correctly?


Mic. Dropped.

And there’s only one acceptable reaction to an answer that perfect.

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