Popular Rapper Declares ‘I’m a Proud Member of the NRA’


In yet another blow to the liberal mantra that the NRA is just a bunch of ‘angry, old white guys’, a two time Grammy award winner and multi-platinum hip-hop artist told People magazine he’s a card carrying member of the gun rights organization.

Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., better known by his stage name, Nelly, told People magazine in a recent interview that he enjoys mentioning that fact whenever someone wants to date his teen daughters,

“[When] little boys are around my daughters, I’m a proud member of the NRA.” He reiterated the phrase, “I’m a proud member,” and said he greets them with a “firm handshake.”

Nelly’s fans will likely be disappointed to know that he is officially and angry, old white guy.

If liberal, anti-gun writers would take a trip to almost any gun range in America, they would quickly realize how laughable the idea that gun owners are homogeneous in any way.

What happens when liberals actually go to the gun range? Check out this video and find out:

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