PUPPIES AND GUNS: Go Ahead, You Know You Want to Look


Puppies with Guns is totes adorable. I mean, check out that badass firepower.

What started as a strange but awesome hobby between friends is now a Facebook page and Kickstarter campaign called “Puppies with Guns” to launch their first calendar.

This is the must have gift of the holiday season so support their campaign and enjoy this pocketful of d’awww-someness!

Even if you hate puppies, you love guns. And vice versa.


From the Puppies with Guns (PWG) Kickstarter campaign:

No combination of two items has ever created more feelings of ire or joy than newborn canines and bitchin firearms. This is precisely why we chose to bring you Puppies With Guns. Whether you see the joining of these things as disgusting or amazing, you cannot ignore PWG. This project brings two of the greatest things on earth; firearms and puppies.

PWG has been a side project for several years. It started out as a joke between two bored roommates that had an incredibly cute new dog, and a pair of awesome Glocks. It turned out to be badass and everyone else wanted their dog’s photo with some sort of artillery. What really hit home for us was that we finally found a way to bring together our love of dogs and our passion for firearms. We truly love PWG and with your support to get this calendar off the ground hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of people will get to love it too, as long as you can take a joke and don’t suck.

Our intent was to bridge the gap between two total extremes; puppies looking goofy and super cute and top-of-the-line and boutique firearms. Rarely do you see a Chinese Crested and a SPAS hanging out together in a tea room, and we thought that was wrong. Why shouldn’t cute little dogs and kick-ass guns be best friends?


Time to play a game, which dog and weapon combo would will in the all out battle?

The Chinese Crested with a SPAS is definitely the scariest looking, but who has the right combination of speed, surprise, and violence of action?



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