A family from aptly named Warrior, Alabama had the opportunity to exact a little Southern justice against a group of home burglars who pressed their luck one too many times – and it happened during a live television interview.

Friday afternoon, a trio of burglars struck the Wyatt family’s rural home. A recently installed security system caught the burglary on camera.FA Ford Ranger is seen approaching the home and a heavyset woman knocks on the front door. Getting no answer, the woman calls for her accomplices to come to the door with her. After peering into the home to make sure nobody is home, the trio kick in the front door and enter the home.


Moments later the security footage shows the men leaving the home carrying televisions and some of the family’s Christmas presents.

While being interviewed by a reporter from WBRC, the family saw the Ford Ranger driving by and recognized some of the occupants.

“They happened to drive by and we seen them drive by and we knew it was them and we stopped them,” Chris Wyatt said.

According to reports from the Sheriff’s office, Wyatt follows the suspects’ vehicle and blocked them in. He, his friends, and his wife then held them at gunpoint until deputies could arrive on the scene.

The sheriff’s office says Wyatt followed the suspects’ vehicle as they turned down Gobbler’s Knob Mine Road and blocked them in. He and his friends then held them at gunpoint until deputies could arrive on scene, Christian said.


Chris Wyatt said the suspects claimed they were lost when the Wyatts confronted them.

“They tried to say that they were lost and we corrected them where they were,” Chris Wyatt said.

Incredibly, when deputies took the suspects into custody they found the truck full of stolen items from another nearby home.

The victim in that burglary was called to the scene and promptly identified the stolen items.

Identified as Eric Paul Stillwell, Natosha Derrick, and Eliabeth Frost, the three suspects were charged with third degree burglary, and second degree theft of property for the robbery on Sunday. They are being held on $25,000 bail.

Additional charges may be filed in connection with the Wyatt family burglary once authorities have completed their investigation.


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