I will never understand the rioting and looting of your own city. You’re only hurting your own community. It’s like going into your own house and robbing yourself of food and essentials and wondering where everything went. It just dumbfounds me. There has been civil unrest in Milwaukee for days now, and in typical fashion, the Black Lives Matter movement has remained active and aggressive in the

wake of the shooting.


BLM has complained that if police had body cams, then we could see how the cops are “unlawfully” killing black citizens. Well, Milwaukee did just that, yet it doesn’t ever seem good enough for the BLM. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The officer allegedly involved in the shooting, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, is a two year veteran on the force and African American. Heaggan-Brown has been receiving death threats after his picture started to circulate on social media. Various threats have been reported. “Now y’all see his face if he’s seen anywhere in the city drop him,” read one post reported by the Journal Sentinel. Another poster threatened to “shoot him right in his head.” Doesn’t this go against the whole BLM? Black lives matter, unless those lives are those of police officers. Then it’s time to forget race and to encourage violence against your own.


According to the mayor of Milwaukee, footage showed that Smith and another man ran from a traffic stop and that Smith had a gun in his hand and refused to drop it. The officer’s life was obviously in danger, and he had cause to shoot.

Sylville Smith’s sister states that the victim and the officer attended the same school. “The officer knew him personally from high school and he still shot him.” She then added that the officer “didn’t like him, and had a personal vendetta against him.”


My question is did you ever consider that the officer was simply doing his job? That your brother had a weapon and could have injured the officers or worse?


Milwaukee has become a perfect example of just why the BLM isn’t about change and it isn’t about facts. It’s about politically directed anger, plain and simple. The shooting matched none of the movement’s grievances.


All the senseless rioting starts before all the facts are even out. It is essentially a way for people to claim they are doing this for a cause, but in reality, it’s an excuse to loot and act in a manner that could be considered less than civilized. It’s became clear early on that Smith had been justifiably shot and proves how morally bankrupt the Black Lives Matter movement really is.


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