The Dallas Police Department have been releasing information about the shooter in Thursday night’s rampage. Micah Johnson, a decorated Army veteran, killed 5 Dallas police officers and wounded many more. And now he’s being linked to one of the most controversial rap groups of the 1980s: Public Enemy.

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Part of the information released by the Dallas PD includes names and associates of Johnson. One of the more notable names is that of Richard GRIFFIN. GRIFFIN, known to many as Professor Griff, is an advocate for a radical form of Afrocentrism. He’s also written a book A Warriors Tapestry.

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Public Enemy is most famous for “Fight the Power,” a song title doesn’t which doesn’t rely heavily on subtlety.

There’s no word on the material nature of the link, though images of the Professor Griff and Johnson together are surfacing on social media.

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When the Dallas police searched the house of Johnson, they foundĀ  “bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition, and a personal journal of combat tactics.”

Griffin, who all week had been posting about the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, has been adamant about the fact that there’s no link between him and Johnson. His tweets have been growing more emphatic.

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“No Mr white officer I do not train snipers to kill cops,” reads the latest tweet.

“I do not advocate killing Cops.”

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“The police and FBI have been watching me and tapping my phone they know who I talk too, I DO NOT KNOW THE SHOOTER.”

“As you seek to detained Me and or arrest me, I will not sit idle and watch you frame me.”

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There no word, either, about the veracity of Griffin’s claims that the police are following his movements or tapping his phone. What is clear, though, is that Johnson wanted to link himself to Griffin.

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