When will people wake up? A HLN News segment addressing the remarks former Miss Alabama Kalyn Chapman James made about Micah Johnson erupted when a “Mental Health Professional” made one of the most boneheaded remarks I’ve read since the shooting.

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The guest–a woman who is not actually a psychologist, but who does go by the name of “Spirit”–was brought in for her perspective and expertise. She compared Johnson to someone who stands up to a bully.

“Pretend like this is daycare or elementary school and there is a bully that is kicking your butt every single day that you go to class,” Spirit said. “And finally, after you getting your butt kicked so many times, somebody rushes in and knocks that bully down.”

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Dan Abrams, who was guest hosting the segment, was obviously appalled by the comparison. He complained vociferously. And despite the lunacy of the extended metaphor, Spirit remained defiant.

“You can only get slapped around but so many times and turn the other cheek,” she said in response to the criticism of her idiotic comparisons.

Abrams rebutted saying Spirit was casting Johnson, the man who murdered cops, as a “hero who pushes the bully.”

Spirit wasn’t receptive to his comments, and suggested that Abrams was missing her point.

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“Imagine that you are the person that has been bullied,” she said. “Now imagine someone comes in and smacks the bully down.”

“Who is smacking the bully?!” Abrams asked.

“Hear me! Hear me!” she said. “You’re missing the point again. I’m not talking to you about the bully, I’m talking about you on the ground. Would you have empathy for the bully or would you feel relief that someone had helped you?”

Spirit. What a piece of work. As Abrams pointed out, she was celebrating what Johnson did. Take apart her metaphor–when she says “…someone had helped you…” she’s referring directly to the slaying of the Dallas police officers.

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How, in this specific case, has killing cops helped anyone?

Yet I’d like to address a deeper flaw in Spirit’s logic. She has equated all law enforcement officers with one metaphoric bully. While we can all agree that there are individual bullies who may also happen to be cops, it is ludicrous to cast all law enforcement officers as one big bully.

And Johnson didn’t smack down a bully. One bully. He shot and killed multiple individuals. He chose his victims based solely on their profession. He knew nothing about their specific personality traits.

You don’t kill the bully to teach him a lesson about bullying. I’m thinking here of the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie finally confronts Scut Farkus (the kid with yellow eyes) and beats him senseless while speaking in tongues. An excellent cinematic representation of the smack down.

Spirit has shown her true colors here. By supporting the former Miss Alabama, she let us know where she stands. And then by celebrating the courage it takes to stand up to a bully, she’s put herself in the same league with Johnson.

If you’d like to find out more about her, or feel compelled to pay her for her insights (like HLN did) you can find her on Facebook.

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