With Black Lives Matter protesters (and Democrat presidential candidates) doing all they can to undermine police officers, creating a hostile environment many blame for this years spike in violence against officers, it’s nice to see someone go way above and beyond to raise money for fallen officers.

That’s exactly what this bikini-clad babe did, agreeing to get tased in public if enough people donated $100 to watch. ┬áThey did, so she followed through.

It’s all fun and games until the taser is deployed, and then…


She drops like a rock to the ground, screaming in pain.


But she takes is like an absolute champ and comes up laughing.


With one prong in her lower back and one in her butt cheek, she can probably do a whole new round of fundraising for who gets to pull out the Taser prongs!


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Hunter's political beliefs are always evolving. Not really. He can be seen supporting whichever side has the hotter women so it's almost always the conservative side (have you seen the hippy chicks? Gross). When he's not writing he's celebrating the resurgence of his beloved Florida Gators and New York Mets.