Tensions in Oklahoma were high last week after Michael Vance kept officers on a week-long manhunt. Vance was wanted in connection with the murders of two of his relatives, and for shooting three police officers before making a dramatic escape.

The situation was made even more surreal when Vance decided he’d live-stream his initial run form the police. He used Facebook Live to narrate his escape and talk through his motives for his crime spree, which included several car-jackings.


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That initial footage that Vance broadcast helped out law-enforcement. He showed a wound in his shoulder, and acknowledged he’d been shot. The wound was severe enough that many believed Vance would hide and simply bleed to death. Yet he didn’t.

When officers found him again, he led them on a high-speed chase through the rural arid landscape of western Oklahoma. The chase was punctuated by gunfire from the truck Vance was driving.


Several videos have been released of the pursuit and the shooting that resulted in the death of Vance. One is an infrared video from a helicopter that flew support for the vehicles on the ground.


Yet the most dramatic footage comes from inside of a patrol car. The officer, once he’s received confirmation about the person he’s pursuing, pulls a rifle from the backseat and begins firing through the front windshield of his cruiser as he’s driving behind Vance’s stolen truck.


Vance tries to fire back at times, but his shots seem ineffectual. In the end, he jumps from the truck and uses it for cover while returning fire. But the truck rolls off the road, leaving him exposed.


The Oklahoma’s state medical examiner’s office says Vance died from a gunshot wound in his neck. Five Oklahoma State Troopers who who shot at Vance were placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the routine investigation.

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