Vice President Joe Biden has a few more months until he is allowed to get behind a wheel and drive -once he is out of office.

At least that is what the Secret Service says, but ex late-night talk show host, Jay Leno, had other plans for Biden and Collin Powell. The video of the two drag racing has taken over the Internet.


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Leno has a special segment that airs on the CNBC network called, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” The Vice President seemingly has a blast getting behind the wheel again after 8 years of being driven everywhere. “It feels great,” Biden says. “I’ve always loved to drive.” 

With Leno sitting in the passenger seat, Biden cruised down the street in his beloved 1967 Corvette Stingray, a wedding gift from his father. Back then, it sold for about $5,600. Now it’s worth roughly a whopping $78,000.


But Biden doesn’t care how much the exotic car costs. It’s about the speed for the VP. His Stingray goes 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds, and he admits he has a need for speed.

As the two car enthusiasts roared down the road, the wind blowing in their gray hair, another corvette emerged from a side street. A newer, faster one. Biden jokingly says, “I wonder who that cowboy is?”


Moments later, the mysterious cowboy speeds past Biden and Leno, and they get a closer glimpse of the gray 2015 Corvette Stingray Z51. But they can’t see the driver. Soon, the two Corvettes pull up next to each other in a wide-open paved road. Perfect for a drag race? 

The cowboy corvette driver is none other than former Secretary of State Colin Powell. “Where were you?” he jokes to Biden. “I kept looking in the mirror and I didn’t see you.”


This is the third Corvette for the former Secretary of State. He got it last year as a Christmas gift from his children. Well, sort of. Powell explains, “They sent me the friggin’ bill.”

Obviously, this has to end in a challenge to see who has the faster car. “Try to keep up as best you can, Mr. Vice President,” says Powell. Leaving a trail of tire marks behind them, the two Corvettes speed down the street.


We’ll have to find out who finished the race first when the first episode airs, but clearly both of these men are winners.'

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