Let me begin by asking this: in today’s political climate, why in the sam-hell would you impersonate a cop? Maybe it was for the sympathy. Motive aside, that’s exactly what this 18-year-old Michigan “man” did. He went into his local Hooters and pretended to be a cop.

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Nicholas M. Fuhst went into the Hooters in Kochville Township, Michigan and told the hostess he was working undercover. Then he asked to see a list of  the employees.

I can’t imagine this was the first joker who’d walked through the doors of this particular Hooters. Or maybe it was because he looks to be all of 14. Either way, the women, curious about the undercover cop that was checking names and faces, had the good sense to call in the real cops–the ones with uniforms and guns.

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Not these cops. That’s the wrong picture.

And those cops had the good sense to come on over to the Hooters. I bet the response time was admirably fast, too–an idiot impersonating a cop, and at Hooters.

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“He indicated that he went to Hooters because he wanted to talk to the girls to see if they would be friends on Facebook,” Chief Assistant Prosecutor Christopher said in a statement.

When the grown-up police officers arrived on scene and arrested Fuhst, they began a cursory search. He was carrying three knives, lighter fluid, and zip-ties. And when they found the list of employees, Fuhst had already circles several of his favorites.

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Zip-ties. I wonder what he’d planned to do with those?

“I think there were some dark thoughts going through his mind,” Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Albosta said of Fuhst.

Fuhst has plead no-contest, and will be sent to prison for eight years for his crime. Why the harsh sentence? This model citizen violated his parole. He was on probation for a series of unrelated crimes, including arson and malicious destruction of personal property.


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