Chad Prather, a Ride TV personality who is also the ambassador for several popular brands, has built up quite the social media following in recent months.

His Facebook page alone was attracted nearly half a million followers. Of course, with social media popularity, the haters are bound to surface.

According to Chad, he’s been getting an increasing number of messages from people who say his thick southern accent, which is an obvious mix of his Georgia and Texas upbringings, make him sound unintelligent or uneducated.

Well, Chad decided to shoot back in a video released on his Facebook page and Youtube channel which makes it clear that he is unapologetically southern for a variety of reasons.

He makes no apologies for his accent, saying ya’ll (which is actually now being promoted by feminist activists as a non-sexist alternative to the popular ‘you guys’ used in many parts of the country), gonna and fixin’ to.

He also makes no apologies for holding door open for women and calling them dear and darling, as he says, not as a sign of disrespect, but as a term of endearment.

Based on his ability to create highly viral videos on fly, we expect you’ll be seeing plenty more of Chad.

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