Stolen valor is the act of proving how much of a scumbag you are by claiming to have earned military awards, rank, or be part of units you never were. The one redeeming thing these people do is get caught and confronted by veterans who are all to happy to call them out.

Here’s a collection of my personal favorites.

#1. Marines call out fake Sergeant Major at funeral.

#2. Guys takes rank off after being confronted with Stolen Valor.

#3. Fake Ranger called out while Black Friday Shopping with his “Sergeant Major”

#4. Ex-Ranger and fellow veteran call out fake soldier.

#5. Fake Major called out by a Former Army NCO

#6. Fake Marine working at Game Stop

#.7 Fake Ranger called out while wearing black boots.

#8. Fake ROTC “Combat Soldier”

#9. Marine Poser meets a real Marine

#10. Stolen Valor posers…this is how you look to Real Military

I do have one request for you guys filming these, leave your phones horizontal. Only you can help us fight Vertical Video Syndrome.

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Eden Rose is a conservative girl trapped in a liberal's world. A firearms instructor, Eden is a vocal supporter of the Second Amendment.