In honor of the United States Army’s 240 years of service, the folks at IJ Review created this montage of just how much the uniform has changed in that time.

The montage kicks off with the Revolutionary War uniform that left plenty to be desired. Namely, any sort of protection, camouflage, or thought to wearer comfort. Then again, when you’re shooting from distances of 50 yards, camo isn’t going to help much.

As the World Wars roll around we see the change from dark blues to the browns and grays more suited for modern battlefields and engagement distances. We also see the introduction of helmets as standard protective equipment for soldiers.

The ubiquitous coffee stain uniforms of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The ever-popular yet never effective ACU camouflage pattern of OIF / OEF (Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively).

To today’s modern uniform. It’s either multicam or the new Scorpion pattern but, let’s be honest, they are identical.

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