“Don’t call me sir, I’m only a Corporal. Call me Dave.” That’s the word from one Australian soldier to his American comrade early in this firefight.

The stunning HD footage was filmed in Afghanistan and shows an intense firefight as the combined US / Australian / Afghan national forces respond to a Taliban attack.

Australian Dave as he is now known is carrying the Stery AUG A3 in the video, something of a rarity to see in combat footage.

That guy. The one over there? I'm gonna shoot him.

That guy. The one over there? I’m gonna shoot him.

The lunacy of restrictive Rules of Engagement is clear when the American says to Australian Dave:

“I’m asking your opinion because your men are out there, too. Do you think they are engaging targets that we need to… Oh no, there’s a fucking donkey there. We can’t touch it.”

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