Danny Shedd was in the service for 12 years. He toured in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And after retiring, he and his family decided to settle down in a rural corner of America’s heartland. The house they bought in Big Cabin, Oklahoma seemed perfect for the Shedds.

Only there’s just one problem. After buying the house and moving in, the neighbors claimed the land the house is on actually belongs to them. And the surveyor agrees. And now Danny Shedd is having to fight for what he paid for in court.


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The house was sold legally. The Shedds did the necessary inspections and appraisals. They even paid cash for the house: $172,425.

Yet when they moved in, the Shedds noticed the neighbor’s cows were coming onto their land. So Shedd called a surveyor to come in and define the property lines so he could build a proper fence to keep out the livestock.

The surveyor came back with some odd news. The plot that the Shedd’s had bought was actually 10 acres of woods close, but not adjoining the property they were living in. Their names were not on the deed to the house.


Instead, the land legally belongs to the neighbors. The Shedds aren’t sure when the error was first made, though the house was built, and even foreclosed on, and then resold–all without the error being discovered.

And it is believed to be an actual clerical error. The neighbors that now claim ownership of the land meant to deed the parcel to their own children. It was those children that went into foreclosure. No one from the bank, or any inspectors, actually came out to confirm that the parcel identified on the original map was the one that had been built on.


Now, after the mistake has been identified, the neighbors have come out on top. They have a new house. And what the Shedds legally purchased is not suitable for building (not to mention way overpriced).

All of this seems like a simple misunderstanding that should have been easy to fix. It hasn’t been. When the Shedds refused to move out, the neighbors sued. And it looks like it is far from over.

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