The flooding in Texas continues to take a heavy toll on the Lone Star State. Three soldiers are dead and six more are missing after an Army truck was washed away June 2nd.

The incident occurred on base at a low-water crossing in flooded creek in an area near Cold Springs and Owl Creek, Fort Hood said in a statement.

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The soldiers are from the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division, and based at Fort Hood. While three soldiers were rescued from the turbulent waters, the others have not been so fortunate.

The search continues for the six that are missing, even as rain falls and night approaches. The post has helicopters, swift-water rescue crews, canine teams, and heavy equipment in the search now, in addition to the men and women on the ground.

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Fort Hood spokesman John Miller called the truck a “Light Medium Tactical Vehicle.” That an Army vehicle capable of carrying twelve people can be swept away and overturned in what would have normally been a shallow creek crossing should serve as a cautionary reminder to the rest of us.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the soldiers their families and the Fort Hood community,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement. “The brave men and women stationed at Fort Hood put their life on the line every day, be it through rescue operations or on the battlefield. Texas will forever remain grateful for their sacrifices.”

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The flooding in Texas is reaching record levels, and the water is deceptively dangerous. Flooding from run off, even in areas where the rains have not been heavy, will continue to plague the region and pose dangers to motorists.

The Brazos River, near Houston, is getting most of the media attention, but almost half of the state is under flood watches and warnings.

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A storm system dumped 8 inches on Houston Wednesday and Thursday. The Brazos rose to 54.8 feet, 4 feet higher than the 1994record. Areas that were not flooded during the 1994 storm have flooded this time, and the rains are expected to continue.


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