The Russian Defense Ministry has ordered all Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopters grounded following a crash during an aerobatics demonstration that killed it’s pilot.

During the demonstration, the helicopter banks steeply to one side and stalls out it’s tail rotor.

With no tail rotor to counteract the spin of the main rotor, the copter begins spinning and quickly loses altitude before crashing hard and causing a fireball upon impact.


“The helicopter went into flat-altitude spin and crash landed,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Russian Air Force Commander-in-Chief Viktor Bondarev, added: “The crew fought to save the helicopter to the end.

“Unfortunately, the chief pilot died on impact – the co-pilot survived. According to the second pilot, the accident occurred due to technical failure.”

The aerobatics display was part of the International Army Games. The games, which began on Satuday, involves competitions between troops from Russia and several other nations taking place at shooting ranges across the country.

The co-pilot miraculously survived the crash unharmed.

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