After growing up in a world at war, most Iraqi soldiers have become almost immune to the distant sounds of fighting, bombs, and airstrikes. Reporters form CBS news? Not so much, as the video below highlights.

Australian Holly Williams was recording a piece on the conflict in Mosul when she heard the distant blast. It clearly rattled her, as she hit the dirt looking for cover. The soldiers around her found the whole thing quite amusing.


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Williams quickly looked around and then slapped the ground. One soldier can be heard laughing at here. Another motions for her to stand up, as if her reflexive behavior was somewhat embarrassing.


Yet she didn’t stand back up. Instead, she adjusted her helmet and continued with the broadcast.


The news coverage was filmed just outside of Mosul, one of the last strongholds of ISIS in Iraq. The city is currently the site of intense fighting between Islamic StateĀ and US-backed coalition soldiers.


ISIS took control of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, in the summer of 2014. We’re now in the fourth day of the battle to liberate Mosul and reports from Mosul say the ISIS fighters are using the citizens of Mosul as human shields. Authorities believe there are as many as 5,000 ISIS fighters in the city and 1.5 million Iraqi citizens.


This is hardly new territory for Williams. As a foreign correspondent she’s covered the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. “I always want to stress to people that we do go to places that are -where there’s kind of an inherent danger because there’s conflict,” her CBS profile reads.


“But, I don’t want to die and I really don’t want any of the people I work with to die. So we’re constantly doing our best to kind of mitigate and avoid actually going anywhere that we might die or be injured.”

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