Ted Froberg was driving down U.S 19 in Pinellas County, Florida when he saw something unusual on the side of the road. It was clearly an American flag. But this wasn’t flying from a car dealership, or waving above a post office–this looked to be the type of flag used in the funeral services of American servicemen.

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“I thought, ‘Could it really be a flag folded like that?'” Froberg told WFTS-TV. Of course, it was. Foberg pulled over, picked up the flag, and respectfully took it home.

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There’s nothing on the flag to identify who it may belong to. There’s no indication that it is a flag used in a funeral, though it certainly fits the description. The flag seems to be folded appropriately, respectfully, which suggests it wasn’t thrown away.

“The only thing I could think of at that point was, post a picture of it on Facebook and ask my friends to share,” Froberg said. And so he did. And the post had been shared numerous times, but  Froberg still hasn’t found the flag’s owner. Any help would be appreciated.

So we’re sharing. While we don’t know Froberg, we respect what he’s done–and the lengths he’s willing to go to to return the flag to its owners. So share. Keep posting this forward until the flag gets home.

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“Some people have suggested I unfold it, that might give me a clue as to the owner. Someone said there could be three shell casings inside, if it was used a funeral,” Froberg said.

If it was, or wasn’t doesn’t matter to Froberg. “I feel like I’m violating someone’s personal property,” Froberg said.

The embroidered flag is in good shape, and shows very little wear. Froberg is holding onto it until the rightful owners can be found.

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