Meet the Navy SEAL who inspired Tomi Lahren to call out President Obama for leaving American warriors at risk.

The 22-year-old Lahren, conservative media’s newest superstar, is the host of On Point with Tomi Lahren for the One America News Network. Her commentary about the Chattanooga terror attack and President Obama’s ‘half-way, half-baked, tip-toe, be-friendly-to-Jihadis mentality’ went viral, with more than 10 million views on various platforms.

In the commentary, Lahren mentions close ties to the SEAL community and that tie is 25-year-old Navy SEAL Jerad Christian – who is currently deployed to an undisclosed location.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Christian completed SEAL training in November and the two began dating in February.


“Jerad is currently on a secret mission and Tomi is very much in love with him. She’s so proud he’s fighting for America,” a friend of Lahren’s told The Daily Mail.

“Tomi believes in him and what he and all our troops are doing for his country.

“She said the reason she did the final thoughts segment was because the issues resonated with her because of Jared, he’s her hero.”


In her newest video, Lahren addresses the incredible reaction on social media:

I’m not a hero. My hero’s wear camouflage.Posted by Tomi Lahren on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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