For more than 40 years, the AC-130 Spectre has been defending American troops and demoralizing America’s enemies with it’s mind-boggling firepower and ever more advanced avionics and optics, the Spectre is a perfect combination of aircraft and mission.

This newly released footage from 1972 shows AC-130 gunship missions against North Vietnam during the final months of the conflict.


According to The Aviationist:

The first AC-130As were deployed in Vietnam in 1968. They were armed with two 20 mm and two 40 mm cannons and they flew their first missions teamed with F-4s, which had the task to attack and destroy with cluster bombs the enemy AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery) that opened fire against the gunship.

During the first missions the Spectre was also able to achieve an aerial victory when on May 8, 1969 an AC-130 shot down an enemy helicopter.

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