Rare gun camera footage has surfaced showing an American P-51 pilot taking down the legendary Messerschmitt Me-262 – the worlds first jet fighter.

Filmed in the spring of 1945, the engagement between the jet fighter – the pinnacle of aviation in it’s time – and the American P-51 shows the value of tactics based on your enemy.

The Me-262 was faster but less maneuverable than the P-51, leaving a definite “game plan” for the engagement.

From the description on LiveLeak:

Out of all the WWII aerial footage I have watched, I’ve seen the same over and over, but this footage is new to me. If you’ve read up on tactics of WWII combat you’ll see how this footage is especially extraordinary.

0:00 – 0:17 It’s impossible to say what happened before this, if they were already engaged, or the 262 was jumped, all we know is that the US fighter has the initial energy advantage. In the first 4-5 seconds it looks like they’re pretty high so I think they were already engaged.

0:18 – 0:30 This is prime footage showing the acceleration disadvantage early jets had compared to the prop driver aircraft. The only way the 262 can get away is by extending which you can see happening.

0:31 – 0:43 As the 262 is extending even further away, you can see the right engine is hit which probably sealed his fate. This shot is phenomenal in my eyes. In all other guncam footage, the enemy was very close, but this distance? We know the US pilot was fucking good.

0:44 – 0:55 All we know is the 262 extended away from gun range and the US pilots had to climb to regain energy for another attack as he’s again diving on the 262 sending it flaming into the ground.

The next segment is also interesting. People on YT seem to believe it is a Ta-152, which it is not. It’s a 109 in my eyes, a late G variant due to the smaller fuselage, or a Kurfurst.

While writing this up, I came across this short video that seems like a great addition:

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