When a group of Somali pirates decided to storm a ship in the Gulf of Aden, they got a first hand look at what SEALs are capable of.

The small group of ROK (Republic of Korea) SEALs go full speed towards the ship while the Somalis open fire on the ROK launch vessel, which responds with some serious firepower:


Once on board, the ROK SEALs go all secret squirrel ninja with a mix of suppressed MP-5s and M4s. Gunfire can be heard as they approach:


Once it’s face to face with some real badass warriors the pirates do what all bullies do. They give up. Well, the ones that are left at least:


Rack that one up as yet another with for the ROK SEALs! The ROK SEALs were originally funded and trained by the US Navy SEALs and the two groups still maintain a close relationship with regular cross training.

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