ISIS Fighters have a lot to fear. The guerilla force currently getting hammered in Mosul is relying on a series of tunnels and human shields to preserve their tenuous hold on the last of their Iraqi strongholds. And now they’re having to contend with a renegade sniper.

The fighter who has been dubbed the Sniper of Mosul is taking out ISIS fighter, many of them in broad daylight. His daring exploits are even causing mass panic–what we in the west would call terror–in the ranks of the ISIS leadership.


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Consider this example. A group of ISIS executioners were going to publicly behead a Mosul teenager that they’d charged with aiding the resistance. The group wanted to make an example of the teen, and planned to video the event for their propaganda.

But the Sniper of Mosul was already watching. He’d set his sights on the executioner. And when the man raised his hand to strike the teen with the knife, the sniper’s bullet struck. The executioner died instantly, and violently.


The aftermath was described as pandemonium. The gathered ISIS fighters who had come to revel in the public execution scattered, and unleashed a barrage of completely ineffectual small arms fire as the panicked men ran for cover.


“The emergence of the ‘Sniper of Mosul,’ as the residents call him, increased the pace of the popular resistance against ISIS,” Al Sumaria News reported.


“The presence of the sniper in four neighborhoods emphasizes that there are many snipers and not only one.”


This new sniper is one in a growing line of legendary fighters. Their mythology serves to strike fear into the ISIS ranks. But some of the rebels who are identified are just as terrifying. Last month, an Iraqi housewife killed several ISIS fighters. After killing them, the woman reportedly cooked their severed heads.


Um Hanadi is proud of her revenge. “I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.”

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