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Puff the Magic Dragon, Spectre, The Big Gun, Death from Above, Spooky, Ghostrider.

Whatever you call it, the AC-130 gunship and it’s many variants have been putting a hurt on America’s enemies since Vietnam. The Global War of Terror (GWOT) is no different.

Here are a few “training aides” for those wanting to harm America and her allies:

1 – Patrolling in the mountains is fun and games until the mountain explodes all around you.

2 – Getting together with your friends for a meeting? How convenient!

3 – Operating at night? There’s an app for that!

Long story short? You can’t run, you can’t hide. All you can do is get identified as a target and get eliminated.

For fun, here’s the current weapons rundown, according to Wikipedia:

Weaponry is mounted to fire from the port side of the non-pressurised aircraft. During an attack the gunship performs a pylon turn, flying in a large circle around a target, allowing it to fire for far longer than conventional attack aircraft. The AC-130H Spectre was armed with two 20 mm M61 Vulcan cannons, one Bofors 40mm autocannon, and one 105 mm M102 cannon; after 1994 the 20 mm cannons were removed for most missions. The upgraded AC-130U “Spooky” has a single 25 mm GAU-12 Equalizer in place of the Spectre’s twin 20 mm cannons, an improved fire control system, and increased ammunition capacity. New AC-130Js based on the MC-130J Combat Shadow II special operations tanker were planned as of 2012. The AC-130W is armed with one 30 mm Bushmaster cannon, AGM-176 Griffin missiles, and GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs.

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