When it comes to sheer dominance of a fighting space, nobody comes close to the dominance of the United States Navy – and this video is just a small taste of why.

Featuring the USS Bainbridge’s multitude of weapons – SM-2 missiles, 5-inch cannon, .50 cal & 7.62mm machine guns – with a little coup de grace from an F/A-18 Hornet, the video shows the sheer firepower of just one of the Navy’s 62 Arleigh Burke class destroyers.

Yes, the music is annoying, but this display of firepower is awesome:

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The Bainbridge is the ship from which DEVGRU (also known as SEAL Team 6) famously rescued Maersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips by shooting three pirates simultaneously – at night, on a rolling ocean, from one ship to another.

A quick infographic showing the plethora of integrated radar and weapons system onboard:

This is what a battle station onboard an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer looks like:

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