Two US veterans, Jamie Lane and Bruce Windorski, who both previously served in the Middle East decided to go back, of their own free will, to help the Kurdish YPG in their fight against ISIS (Daesh).

The pair chronicled their journey on video and gave video interviews when they returned home. Some of their footage and interviews were posted in a Wall Street Journal video.

Windorski, an Army Ranger, originally returned to the Middle East to avenge his brother, whose military helicopter was shot down by insurgents in 2009.

Lane, a Marine, returned because he couldn’t stand seeing the cities he had fought to free being taken over by ISIS.

The pair contacted the YPG through social media and made plans to travel to Syria on their own time and using their own money.

Lane recounted how he experienced what being an insurgent fighting a larger power is like. The YPG is relatively small and underfunded compared to ISIS which has seized large amounts of weapons, vehicles and cash as they swept across Syria and Iraq.

Both men have since returned home, saying that the fight against ISIS has given them some closure on the issues that originally pushed them to join the fight.

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