When a Conyers, Georgia police officer saw a brawl break out at a high school, he didn’t hesitate to use his Taser. Now he’s being criticized for it.

“They shot my child down like a dog, it’s just disturbing for any parent to see they child just be hit like that,” said Shelly Norman, the parent of the girl involved in the fight.

Norman’s 17-year-old daughter, dressed in long pants, can be seen in the video involved in a fight with a male classmate at Rockdale County High School.


Students watching and recording the fight saw the officer and warned the fighting students.

“Yo the officer right there,” says one person.

The boy seems to pause for a second because the officer is approaching but Norman’s daughter just keeps attacking.

That’s when the officer fires the Taser, causing one dart to go into each teen and incapacitating both of them.


“They could have at least yelled ‘you two stop’,” said Norman.

The officer is not the school’s assigned resource officer and the district quickly said that Tasers shouldn’t be used on school property unless it’s to save a life of prevent serious injury. Apparently, they don’t understand that fights do cause serious injury.

In his report, the officer states his use of the stun gun was “the quickest and most successful way to end the fight” because no administrators or teachers were in the area and backup was not nearby.

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