A call for backup around 8a.m. turned out to be the beginning of what would become a more than three hour long gun battle between members of the Jalisco New Generation cartel and Mexican security forces.

Among the dead are 42 cartel members and one police officer.


“It looked like a battlefield,” said one officer speaking on condition of anonymity like everyone at the scene.

National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said the battle started when soldiers, police, state investigators responded to a report of the sudden appearance of heavily armed men on the ranch. While doing reconnaissance, they encountered a truck full of armed men who immediately opened fire. When police chased the truck to the ranch, they came under immediate, heavy fire by others on the property.

“The rest of the presumed criminals on the property started to attack with intensity,” Rubido told reporters on the ground.

The police force called for immediate air and ground support. The scale of the ranch, some 277 acres, complicated the battle which raged at full intensity for three hours.

The investigation is still ongoing but authorities announced that they were able to arrest three people and confiscate 36 semi-automatic rifles, a grenade launcher that had been fired and a .50-caliber rifle.blah

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