A disturbing, senseless, brutal attack on an infant has been swirling around the Internet. The disgusting woman that calls herself a mother was filmed by her 8-year-old daughter repeatedly smacking the infant child.

The viral video has many unable to watch all the way to the end and has left many outraged. Begging the question, have the local authorities have been alerted?


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The video shows a mother ruthlessly beating her infant because the kid wouldn’t stop crying. Yes, crying is something that every baby does, but this baby is beaten for it.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s normal for babies to cry, and there are a number of things parents can do to help soothe the baby. These methods focus on “decoding” the reason behind the tears, which could be the result of a number of things, hunger, dirty diaper, or simply wanting love and attention.


The video has put people in the horrific position of bearing witness to the raw brutality of child abuse in action and being unable to do anything about it. Some have questioned the authenticity of the video. Many question if the baby is real or if a toy was used instead. The local authorities have reportedly seen the video and are treating it as a real child being abused.

The video was taken in August in Almaty, Kazakhstan by the eight-year-old daughter of the woman. Police are investigating the matter, according to The Sun.


The Mayo clinic also suggests that parents who can’t find a solution to stop a baby crying are advised to take a break and recognize their own limits as parents. They should place the baby in a safe place, such as a crib, or leave the room in order to regain self-control.

It’s currently unclear if the woman will be brought up on child abuse charges, but if the video does turn out to be authentic, this mother will have some very difficult questions to answer. The video is on the internet now, which means it won’t ever go away. Assuming the child survives what is sure to be a traumatic childhood, this video will always be there as a reminder of what life was like. That won’t be easy for the parent or child.


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