If you are going to talk back and try to fight with court officials, you are going to have a bad time.

Especially if your judge is Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain, who had had enough of a stalker’s backtalk and constant disruption in his courtroom. He tossed off his robe and teaches the loud mouth a lesson he won’t soon forget.


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The judge was hearing a case of “aggravated stalking.” Jacob Larson was in court because he was harassing a high school classmate.

“He’s not leaving me alone,” the 22-year-old woman told the judge. The video shows Larson constantly interrupting the judge as he tries to ask questions pertaining to the case. If he would have just listened to the judge, he probably wouldn’t be in a county jail for a year now.


Initially, the judge sentenced Larsen to three days in jail. As you can imagine, Larson wasn’t too pleased about that news. Larsen insisted that the judge’s daughter and the defendant had past history, stating they were “buddy, buddy.”


That was the last straw for Mcbain who quickly ramped up Larsen’s punishment to 93 days in county jail and told the court officer to take Larson away.

When Larson began to resist and “hand slapped” the court officer, McBain tossed his judge’s robe aside and got into the scuffle. The Judge can be heard shouting on the video, “Tase his ass right now,” as he rushed over to help the court officer in the takedown.


There was no sheriff or deputy in the courtroom to help gain control of this situation as Larsen was not a jailed inmate. It is typically not necessary for other law enforcement to be present in the courtroom in a simple stalking case.

Even after Larson was on the floor, he wouldn’t allow the officer to cuff him. “There is one thing I don’t tolerate is disruptions in my courtroom,” McBain said.


The court officer, Jared Schultz, said he was lucky to have the judge’s assistance in the takedown.

According to McBain, this was the first time he had to get physical and leave his podium. 1016a2

Jackson County Chief Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson stated, “A judge has the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in the courtroom,” He also noted circuit court judges have arresting powers. It seems Larson was unaware of this. Perhaps this will teach him a lesson about respect and keeping his mouth shut.




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