Comedian Amy Schumer has made a B-list career out of bad jokes and strong political connections, but she went all in during Florida show on Sunday, and her crowd walked out on her.


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At her Sunday performance in Tampa, Florida, Schumer stopped the show to go on a diatribe about gun control and the presidential race.

The 35-year-old self-proclaimed feminist and active Clinton supporter called Donald Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster,” sending a raucous wave of boos cascading through the crowd, drowning her out.

Schumer than asked a Trump supporter – “preferably one with sleeves” she said – to come on stage and defend his support of the Republican nominee.

When a Trump supporter stood up and told Schumer he supports Trump because he cannot trust Hillary Clinton, the crowd erupted in cheers of support for him.

As she continued to mock Trump, getting a mix of boos and applause, before she turned on Trump supporters who had paid money to see her show, saying:

“Look, I know you’re here to laugh. But it’s really important. I just wanted to spend five minutes talking about him… [inaudible due to booing]… You can leave if you want, but I’m going to talk about it for five minutes.

“Just so you know,from now on, if you yell out you’re going to get thrown out. Just so you know. If you yell out, I’ll say go and you’ll be thrown out. So, everybody point to the people booing”

Approximately 200 people left the show as Shumer continued her political rant, with many taking to social media and demanding a refund.

“I don’t want to hear that. We wanted to have a good night without distractions with the politics,” said Bryon Infinger to the Tampa Bay Times.

“It’s a bit  much,” echoed his wife, Chrissy Infinger. 

They both said everybody has a right to their opinion but thought Schumer went on too long. 

“The show became political. I definitely didn’t come to hear this,” said Ryan Atwood.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Schumer, the cousin of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), is ultra-liberal. Before her show Sunday, she was out registering people to vote for Hillary Clinton:

You can see the full video here:

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