A ban on wearing full-face veils, including the niqab and burqa, has been approved by the Netherlands government in an effort to balance the religious rights of Muslims and the security needs of a free society.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told journalists the ban does not apply to the wearing of burqa or niqab on the street, but rather “in specific situations where it is essential for people to been” or for security reasons.

The government “tried to find a balance between people’s freedom to wear the clothes they want and the importance of mutual and recognisable communication” the Prime Minister continued.

The bill comes among calls from some on the right-wing of the government for an all out ban on the garb, something France and Belgium have already done, due to security concerns following several terror attacks where men dressed in the women’s attire to disguise themselves and hide weapons:

Anyone fined violating the new law will be fined 405 euros. A number of far-right movements across the continent have made the banning of the niqab a political objective.

Do you believe the US should follow in the Netherland’s footsteps or is banning of attire simply too anathema to American freedoms?

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