This election has become the most dividing in recent history. It has also become the most physical and violent campaign cycle for anyone that doesn’t share the same political ideology. Take this Indiana Donald Trump supporter who refused to allow anyone to shut down his freedom of speech. Phillip, who refused to give his last name, decided to take action against the repeated vandalism of his Trump sign.


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Phillip claims he’s had people come onto his property several times just to vandalise a sign in his yard that shows his support for Trump. This is nothing new. Many times throughout this election year, there have been multiple reports of sign vandalism and even physical attacks on Trump supporters.


After Phillip found his Trump signs crumpled in his yard, he decided to devise a plan to deter individuals from stomping on his political beliefs. He first added a camera to the tree across from his yard, looking towards his house where the Trump sign stood. Then he attached fishing wire to the sign and spray painted it green so it would blend in with the grass. Phillip then waited.


It didn’t take long for his trap to lure someone right in. The sign caught the eye of an anti-Trump supporter and then instant justice ensued. The hilarious would-be theft was caught on the camera Phillip set in the tree. The female that tried to snatch the sign from the yard found out what happens when you trespass on someone else’s property.


Unaware of the fishing wire attached to the sign, she tripped and faceplanted into Phillip’s front yard with the sign still in hand. “Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours. Leave it alone,” Phillip commented. Perhaps next time someone has a grudge against someone’s political views, they’ll think twice before trying to vandalise someone else’s property.'

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