A 30-year-old criminal is in the hospital today after he targeted a 91-year-old man to be his victim in an armed robbery.


Names have not been released, but Eastpoint police say the 91-year-old man was walking into a Rite Aid store when he noticed he was being followed by a man acting suspiciously.

“He was trying to get into the store when he was approached by the suspect,” said Deputy Chief Eric Keiser, Eastpointe police.


When the robber raised what appeared to be a weapon at him, the 91-year-old warned the assailant he was armed before drawing his weapon and firing, striking the suspect in the neck.

The suspect fled across the street and was quickly apprehended by police and transported to the local hospital, where he continues to be uncooperative with police.

“The person who fired the shots had a CPL and was lawfully carrying a handgun,” said Keiser. “He said he defended himself when he was attacked.”


“The person who fired the shots is not under arrest and he’s cooperating with the investigation,” Keiser said.

Police say the only weapon recovered was the elderly man’s handgun, and that the robbery suspect will be arraigned on Tuesday.

The investigation is ongoing – and we’re consulting with the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office to make sure that he did act in self-defense and was legal in what he did.”

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