An armed robbery attempt in Broward County, Florida ended very badly for the would-be robbers when their would be victim fought back – hard. Two suspects entered the CAD Auto Parts shop in Broward County armed with a handgun last summer. Video releases after the incident shows the violent criminals in action. [Scroll Down For Video]

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The suspects demanded money from the store’s owner, Andrew Hepburn, after bursting into his office. Despite the fact that the owner was outnumbered 2-1 and one of the suspect’s had managed to pin his arm behind his back, Hepburn fought back. Yes, he literally fought off two armed robbers with a hand behind his back.

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The store owner wrestled the gun away from one of the suspects, shot him multiple times, and when the firearm ran out of ammo he proceeded to pistol whip the suspect multiple times. The second suspect managed to escape.

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The video of the incident was posted to Facebook by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office:

The owner of an auto parts store fought back Monday afternoon when two gunmen showed up at his office to rob him, eventually wresting the gun from one assailant and shooting him multiple times as his accomplice ran away.

Anyone with information about the accomplice, the second victim, the BMW or its driver is asked to report it to Det. Trevor Goodwin at (954) 321-4270 or report anonymous tips to Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS (8477) or online at Crime Stoppers will pay up to $3,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

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“This video shows remarkable violence. It’s amazing, given the exchange of gunfire in such a small space, that no one was killed,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Dani Moschella said. “These criminals are armed and capable of doing this again. We urge the public to help BSO detectives get them off the street.”

The suspect who was shot was identified as Conrad Bloomfield. He is expected to survive his injuries and is facing several felony charges. Hepburn also suffered serious injuries, but is expected to recover.

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