Two ISIS commanders got a bit of poetic justice last week when their convoy triggered a roadside bomb.

The twist? The bomb was originally planted by ISIS fighters in order to target Peshmerga fighters in the area.

According to the Kurdish news agency Rudaw:

“A mine had been planted by ISIS troops in previous battles in the village of Kharbadan to target the Peshmerga, the vise versa happened, killing two of the group’s local leaders on the front,” Ali Hussain, commander of the Mekhmour front told Rudaw.

He added: “One of the slain Emirs [Leader] was the group’s administrator in the area named Abu Malik, and the other one named Abu abdul-Aziz.”

The news is the latest blow to ISIS, which has lost several of its key commanders over the last several months as well as being continuously targeted by coalition airstrikes.

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