Image: Social Media and Brown Family Provided Images

Image: Social Media and Brown Family Provided Images

The federal Department of Justice has just released the results of the independent autopsy they performed on Mike Brown following his shooting death by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in August.

According to the results, it appears that the Department of Justice’s findings support Wilson’s version of the events that led to Brown’s death.

According to Yahoo News/AP:

The Justice Department autopsy found that Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds and had severe head and chest injuries, though it noted that the chest injury might have been an exit wound from a shot that entered Brown’s arm. The autopsy also found a minor gunshot wound to Brown’s right hand was evidence of close range discharge of a firearm.

Wilson told the local grand jury that his gun went off during a tussle with Brown through the open window of his police car moments before Brown was fatally shot.

The Justice Department is conducting a separate civil rights investigation into Brown’s death.

The close range gunshot wound to the hand is consistent with Wilson’s story that Brown tried to grab his firearm. These findings are consistent with the local autopsy that was also performed.

A grand jury in Missouri decided not to charge Darren Wilson with any crime relating to the shooting in late November. This sparked several nights of violent protests and over two weeks of more peaceful protests across the country.

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